NAMIBIA has been asked to send representatives to International forex expo and Women in Africa in the Forex Industry meeting to be held in Nigeria on Saturday.

According to award-winning forex trader Angela Fibonacci, the Forex Millionaire Expo 2023 will be attended by representatives from different African countries, who will share their experiences in the forex trading sector.

“Namibia was chosen on the basis of the work that has been done to grow the sector. I am going there to learn and bring the extra knowledge home to help grow the industry,” said Fibonacci.

Two Namibian women representatives will be attending the expo, and Fibonacci will be one of the speakers, she said.

“We are going to hear first-hand about the struggles of these successful traders and try to understand that whatever challenges traders face, they are just a passing phase,” said Fibonacci, who also runs Bespoke Forex Trading Academy based at Oshakati.

According to Fibonacci, the academy has mentored more than 2 000 people since its inception four years ago.

At the expo, speakers will not only share their trading journey but also produce a blueprint for success in a short time, including common mistakes to avoid, she said.

Representatives attending the expo will learn how to transition from trading to the business side of forex, and how to attract investors to build businesses.

“Delegates will have an opportunity to network with influential traders, have one-on-one conversations with them and share ideas,” she said.

Fibonacci advised aspiring forex traders to look for the right mentors and do things the correct way, saying there is no substitute for mentorship.

“People lose money because they do not seek mentorship but just plunge into trading without any knowledge or understanding of how things work,” she said.

She dismissed the widespread belief that forex trading is mainly for duping people of their money or as a laundering scheme, although she admitted that some people used it to defraud gullible people.

Despite this, Fibonacci believes there is a bright future in forex trading because people will always engage in trade.

Foreign currency, she said, is the medium for conducting international trade.

“The sector can also help reduce the unemployment rate in the country as everyone can trade in forex.

“I encourage every household to have at least one person engaged in forex trading,” she said.

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